Annie Fish of Violet Mice

Violet Mice is a bedroom-glam pop band formed by pop-maven Annie Fish in 2006, who’s been trying to crawl out of the desert ever since.Today she will have to make do with answering my questions.

What are your favourite qualities in a song?
Unfettered emotion, resonance, brilliance, a heartfelt performance, an embrace of imperfection.
Where do you look for inspiration?
I looked to the stars, found no answers. Luckily all my friends are swollen with talent, so I can look to them to be impressed.
Where are you happiest?
At the edge of the stage, reaching for a crowd, feeling the edges of the room, echoing sound around and around.
As a performer, what makes a show special or memorable?
That moment where I see the crowd begin to understand, start to shake a shoulder, tap a foot, small smile, full dance.
As an audience member, what makes a show special or memorable?
Watching a well-honed band lock-in their grooves and work on another level, maybe not even an earthly one.
What is your idea of success?
In this day and age? The ability to continue.
What is something you would like to learn more about?
The opera.
What was your biggest musical failure?
There have been many times when I’ve failed to see my worth as a musician— that I matter and my songs are good. That’s set me back more than anything.
What was your biggest musical success?
My success was deciding that the recent move I made from Illinois to New Mexico (soon to be rectified) wasn’t the end of the world— That it could be a form of garden bed from which I could grow a new kind of song from.
Who do you look up to?
I look up to my friends who share the same struggles as any artist, as any human. Anyone who wakes up in the morning and has the gall to live I look up to. But i understand if they can’t either. It’s tough, but, it’s okay.
What was the first song you have ever written like?
The first song I wrote was a tiny slice of pining for a lost love… still trying to refine that central idea, I guess!
Who deserves a plug or shoutout?
Who doesn’t need a plug!? For now I’ll go with Richard Album & The Singles, the hardest working group in po-mo pop!
You can find out more about Violet Mice here. Check out the video to ‘Weird (Like Me)’ below.

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