Feline Lang of Feline and Strange

Feline and Strange are a Wave Cabaret 3-piece (f voc, piano, cello, synths, drums) from Berlin. Their theatrical shows match their five albums in emotional intensity, tragic sillyness, witty politics, and punk attitude on classical instruments. Today lead singer, pianist and songwriter Feline Lang answers Crayon’s questions.

What are your favourite qualities in a song?
Intensity. No matter where it comes from – a groove, the sound, the vocals, the composition, the lyrics…
Where do you look for inspiration?
Humans. Behaviours, snippets of talk, news.
Where are you happiest?
Behind a microphone.
As a performer, what makes a show special or memorable?
An attentive audience. Especially when they turn attentive AFTER my first note! And people singing along.
As an audience member, what makes a show special or memorable?
Intensity again, no matter how this is achieved.
What is your idea of success?
Being invited to play all over the world instead of tedious booking requests.
What is something you would like to learn more about?
Hm everything. I don’t consider myself perfect.
What was your biggest musical failure?
Can’t say. Of course I missed chords, forgot lyrics or popped my costume on stage but that never turned out to be a bad night. Well session work for others maybe as I rarely get to sing in my actual range there.
What was your biggest musical success?
Playing Festivals. WGT, Ed Fringe, Phoenix Alternative. Getting a residency and writing a full album there.
Who do you look up to?
My band mates.
What was the first song you have ever written like?
Very personal, sarcastic, very jazzy, but classic song format.
Who deserves a plug or shoutout?

Birdeatsbaby – Like us, Birdeastbaby shed all the chains of record companies and label pressure, and earn all their money by direct support and sales from and to their fans via Patreon and bandcamp. I’ve collaborated several times with Lead Singer Mishkin Fitzgerald and she’s an incredible musician and so hard working that I can’t believe how she survives.

You can find out more about Feline and Strange here – Below is their song ‘On The Run’


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