THALA is a Singer/Songwriter/Composer from Berlin who wanders between retro and dreamy sounds. With authentic and evocative lyrics reminiscent of artists such as Beach House and Mazzy Star, her debut single ‘Moonlight Shadows‘ was released in 2020.

What are your favourite qualities in a song?
Raw and pure emotions, storytelling. I want to be swept away within the first 10 seconds.
Where do you look for inspiration?
I look and listen everywhere. I think inspiration can be found anywhere if you let it.
Where are you happiest?
Oh that’s an easy one. In the ocean.
As a performer, what makes a show special or memorable?
If you’re able to create a bond with your audience and can spark some feeling inside of them.
As an audience member, what makes a show special or memorable?
Same as above I gotta say. I go to a concert to be granted access into the artists world through the music.
What is your idea of success?
If one day I can roll out of bed, pick up my guitar or sit at the piano all day long, and not having to worry If I’m gonna be able to pay my rent the upcoming month. just music, all day long. that’s all I want.
What is something you would like to learn more about?
During this quarantine I have bought my first keyboard and started teaching myself how to play. I wanna become badass!
What was your biggest musical failure?
Oh easy one.. my first open mic. I nearly threw up, sweaty palms, oh and almost burned my acoustic guitar on a candle.
What was your biggest musical success?
I got to play my first support show at the famous Frannz Club in Berlin last year, supporting an amazing band from the US called Joseph, during their European tour, That was insane and unreal. I started making music less than one year ago.
Who do you look up to?
I look up to every artist who managed to stay true to themselves and still does music for the love of it.
What was the first song you have ever written like?
The first song I have ever written was at the age of 12 and it was in my other native language (German). It was about a girl, that I used to be
friends with. Back in school, she had decided I wasn’t cool enough for the crowd – she started being less nice and eventually stopped being my friend for good.
Who deserves a  shoutout?
Lucas Castillo. An amazing person and artist, who deserves to be heard across the entire planet.
You can find out more about THALA here. Watch her video for ‘Moonlight Shadows’ below.

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