Victoria Priest of Transcendecadence

Transcendecadence is a new band based in Berlin, coming from post-punk roots and venturing into psychedelic rock. Honest, raw and emotional stories are expressed through the band’s own perception of underground music, containing humor and sarcasm along with some personal tragedy, progressive harmony and catchy melodies. Singer and bandleader Victoria Priest is answering the questions.

What are your favourite qualities in a song?
A strong story that rips out my heart or draw tears out of my eyes. or…
Where do you look for inspiration?
Under my table. It worked well so far.
Where are you happiest?
Under my table.
As a performer, what makes a show special or memorable?
I don’t know. Usually I try to forget about it. We’re not that well rehearsed.
As an audience member, what makes a show special or memorable?
Good music. Or a very hot leader. Or in our case, both.
What is your idea of success?
That I don’t have to have a day job. Ever.
What is something you would like to learn more about?
Precious stones. And how to easily find them. You could call me a gold digger, but there’s nothing more stunning than to watch precious stones being stoned at your flat.
What was your biggest musical failure?
When I decided not to show up for a private party gig, because I got a better offer and the rest of the band, who had to play without me, got kicked out within 20 minutes. Or actually very recently, when I got “kicked out” from the Circus Younak, because I spontaneously changed the music. It got better though.
What was your biggest musical success?
Quite frankly I can’t decide, whether it was when I wrote the music for Intimity, a movie that was screened in cinemas all over Czech Republic, or when I played on TV with the biggest rock’n’roll guitar legend Michal Pavlíček.
Who do you look up to?
My partner, Roland Satterwhite. He is 20cm taller than me.
What was the first song you have ever written like?
It was about a hamster who was stealing wheat, so he went to jail. Or weed, I was not exactly good at English pronunciation when I was 10. It sounded like a first song, to be honest…
Who deserves a shoutout?
That would definitely be Julian. He’s playing the guitar in our band, doing an awesome job there, and asides from that he is one of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life.
You can find out more about Transcendecadence here. Below is their song ‘I’m a Criminal’.

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