Creature of the Night – Out Now!

It’s new music day! Creature of the Night is a dark piece of nightmare trashglam and it is waiting for your ears!
If you use spotify It really helps me out if you listen to it on release day, so please give it a spin once or twice (or on repeat all day). Click here to listen on spotify!!

It is available on spotify, apple music, amazon, google, deezer and basically all the music services, just search for Crayon Jones! Also if you are the kind of superhuman that buys music, it is of course on bandcamp

A little about the song, it was recorded last month on a battered old guitar with every string tuned to A for that droney almost saxophone like sound, then put over a loop of drums and claps. I definitely recommend listening on headphones to hear some of my very FUNCTIONAL BASS GUITAR.

It is also so helpful to share the song, put it in a playlist, add it to your instagram story or force another human to hear it in real life. I am trying my best to bring some glam vibes to the world so anything to help more peoploids hear it helps the Mission to Mars!

Thanks for all of your support – I have some other very  fun and shiny things coming soon!

Stay glam!

Love Crayon