Out of Light – Out now!

Out of Light – Out Now!

It’s new music day! Out of Light is a brooding and dark slice of glittergoth, with dissonant piano, guitar feedback and a big vcoal climax and it is begging to be listened to!

If you use spotify It really helps me out if you listen to it on release day, so please give it a spin once or twice (or on repeat all day). Click here to listen on spotify!!

It is available on spotify, apple music, amazon, google, deezer and basically all the music services, just search for Crayon Jones! Also if you are the kind of superhuman that buys music, it is of course on bandcamp

A little about the song, it came together extremely quickly. I was going to the studio to work on another song but thought I should have a plan B in case it didn’t work out (which often happens). I wrote the lyrics the night before in about 10 minutes and made a very basic backing track. Everything flowed when recording, every track is a first take! It’s usually a good sign when that happens.

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Thanks for all of your support, it really keeps my spirits up.

Stay glam!

Love Crayon