Elemental Constance – new song out today!

It’s a full Moon. It’s Friday the 13th. If that isn’t a good sign I don’t know what is! So my latest song is out TODAY- It is called ‘Elemental Constance’ and I would describe it as a slow dance through space with some T Rex influence.

You can listen now on

It is super helpful if you could listen to it today to kick-start the spotify sharing algorithms, even better if you add it to a playlist that you listen to! For example I will be adding it to my amazing glam rock playlist which I recommend you check out if you are into the glam thing!

Also if you like it, share it with your friends, loved ones and strangers who seem glam-inclined. Post about it on social media or share, comment on one of my posts on facebook, instagram or twitter! It all helps to support modern glam!

On other music services like Apple, Amazon, Deezer, Youtube etc it will be available over the coming hours and days via this link. Or search for Crayon Jones or Elemental Constance

I am very happy to say that I have finished recording my new album!!! I am making the final tweaks now and will have a release date soon! It has been quite an up and down journey the last couple of weeks but finishing a project like this makes it all ok.