New Album! Monument out October 18th!

Finally after a lot of work I am very happy to announce that my next album is complete and will be available on October 18th! The album is called ‘Monument’ and in a way it is a small monument that I have built in honour of the glam that I love so much.

The tracklist is:
Elemental Constance
Big Sky Dreamer
The Definition
Own The Night
Heavy Moon
Electric Kiss
Thunder Mullet

You can already listen to The Definition and Elemental Constance right now!

Make sure you got to my spotify and hit Follow so that you get a notification as soon as it drops! It took a little longer than I originally planned but I am very excited for you to hear it! It took a lot of work and A LOT of listening to T Rex to reach this point. Thank you all very much for supporting me, I really hope you enjoy it!