Futuristisch 2020 update!

Welcome to the Futuritisch world of 2020! Hope you all enjoyed the holidays. I started the year in style with the first Uke Boogie of the decade. As it was the day after his birthday I played Lady Stardust, Starman and Life on Mars by David Bowie. And also snuck in a bonus Elvis song. Also there was the annual Bowie birthday bash, I wasn’t performing this time but it was a great nightfull of Bowie. Big thanks to the Djs, musicians and organisers!
  What is coming up?
The answer is hopefully a lot, but at this point I’m not ready to announce anything. But I am quietly working away on a few different things. I didn’t set myself any concrete goals for this year but in general I want to release lots of new music, play live more often and also try some new or unexpected things.Hopefully I can give you some more info on all of these things soon!

I also started a playlist of songs that I have been listening to (excluding Bowie since it could easily turn into a Bowie only list). If you are interested in what soundtracks my day you should check it out. I will be trying to keep it updated fairly regularly.

On the subject of playlists, you can help me out by telling the spotify robot mind that I’m nice. Two easy things:
Go to my spotify artist page and make sure that you follow me.
Add a song or two to a playlist that you listen to.

This really helps a lot. If you don’t use spotify the same kind of thing can be done on the other streaming services, and if you don’t stream my music is available to buy on music stores and on bandcamp (where you can get my entire discography at a discounted price). Since I lost my day job last year cash is tight so any support really makes such a difference!

Support your scene!
One thing I have definitely decided to do more of this year is support other artists and the scene in general. This means going to more small shows(venues need support too!), sharing the work of others and in general helping out whenever I can. Uke boogie is one way of doing this, it is very rewarding to see people start out on the open stage and then develop and start releasing music and playing shows of their own.

I am also continuing with my musician interview series. A couple of new ones were posted recently featuring Jonatahan from Adventure Team and Annie Fish of Violet Mice. Check out the interviews and their music! If you are a musician or know someone who could benefit from some free and easy PR there is a submission link at the bottom of each interview.