The Nuclear Bomb!

Out now! The Nuclear Bomb!

It’s finally time for my first release of the year.  The Nuclear Bomb is out everywhere today! You can really help me out by doing one or more of the following:
-Listen to the song! You can find it on all music services here
-Add the song to your instagram story
-Share the song on your social media or repost one of my posts about it – help spread the word
-Add it to a playlist that you listen to.
-If you liekthe song, feed my ego and tell me!

The first day or two of a release makes a big difference for how it gets treated by spotify so every little thing helps! The song is also available on bandcamp if you’re the cool kind of cat who buys music.

A very glam and shiny music video is also on the way soon, subscribe to my youtube channel so you don’t miss it!

Thanks for all of your support, lots of new things coming.

Stay safe and most importantly stay glam!

Love Crayon