Vampire of Mars

Vampire of Mars!

It is Halloween and I have a special surprise for all of your glitter-witches and glamgoths. A new song called ‘Vampire of Mars’ – It is the spooky tale of a sexy space vampire with a heavy doom laden sound – Don’t ever say I am not kind to you.
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It is super helpful if you could listen to it all the way through today to kick-start the spotify sharing algorithms, even better if you add it to a playlist that you listen to! It is perfect for your halloween season playlist.

Also it would please my evil heart if you could share it with your friends, loved ones and bite victims. Post about it on social media or share, comment on one of my posts on facebook, instagram or twitter! It all helps to support!

Have a wonderful spooky time and remember, dressing as Bowie is for life, not just for Halloween