Monument Out Today!

Today my fourth solo album is released! Hooray. Monument is an album firmly rooted in the planet of glam. It was written and recorded over the summer here in Berlin.  It is always a nerve-wracking thing to release music, a little bit like dyeing your hair and hoping it doesn’t fall out. So I hope you can find the time to listen to alleviate those fears!
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It is super helpful if you could listen to it today to kick-start the spotify sharing algorithms, even better if you add it to a playlist that you listen to! For example I will be adding a track or two to my amazing glam rock playlist which I recommend you check out if you are into the glam thing!

Alsoit would make my glam heart warm if you could share it with your friends, loved ones and strangers who seem glam-inclined. Post about it on social media or share, comment on one of my posts on facebook, instagram or twitter! It all helps to support modern glam!

The album came out with a little extra urgency after I got laid-off from my day job, so any and all support and help is so hugely appreciated.

And it doesn’t end there, I may just have some more surprises coming very soon. Stay tuned to your radio-oh-oh.